St Andrew's Presbyterian Church - Germiston

Bulletin Board


Welcome to the home of St Andrew’s on the Internet …

I hope that you will enjoy your visit!

You may be wondering why the home of St Andrew’s has been moved from “” to the original site “” Well, reason being that as you all know, Rev John Mckane has taken up the call to another congregation.  Seeing that I (Michele Drake) have offered to take over the running of the website I had to familiarise myself with it.  Unfortunately I did not have a lot of time to learn with John leaving so soon and thus had to look for other help in the form of Malcolm Sainsbury (one of our organists, who initially set up this website) to tutor me. 

I have not mastered the website yet, but as I become accustomed to the website I am sure things will improve.

Although I have not learnt the art of creating a comments page yet, please feel free to send any constructive comments to either my e-mail which you will find under the Leadership section or on the Information sheet at the back of “The Window”.

Please visit the website regularly to see how things are progressing.